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Lend a Hand
Bob Fulkerson gathered an immense amount of information on his site, The goal of this website is to take that information and to repackage it into more of a "storytelling" format, as well as to attempt to improve the interconnections between links to better illustrate how family branches entertwine, as well as to "flesh out" in a more meaningful way as many of the details of family characters and the lives they've led as possible.

This is much more than a single person can accomplish. Would you like to help? Here are some important ways to do so, if you wish:

1. Take over Bob's original site. Bob's family has been great about keeping the original site up on the internet, so we can access information to download and to format at will. This has been a burden of expense for them, though. Could you take over the expense of the site by sending the family a check to cover its cost? 

2. Submit your branch Info. We are always glad to have more information to post--and, who knows, you may have a close family member looking to make a connection! Family photos are especially helpful and welcome. Most people who visit us are going to quickly browse through, and images make the site so much more appealing and accessible.

3. Do research and send us any little family info "tidbits." Are there Fulkerson family members you know who own businesses? Send us a link to their website. Did you find the name of a "Fighting Fulkerson" on a memorial somewhere? Send us a photo and any background information you can find on that individual. Are you aware of something a Fulkerson invented? Let us hear about it. Is there some unusual or funny family story? We would love to share that with our readers.

4. Write an article, character sketch, or family profile. An article can be about any historical aspect that would have affected a Fulkerson family member. For instance, if someone fought in a particular battle, you could write about the battle and explain the role that Fulkerson played in it. Do you know a great story about an individual in the family? Send it in--even if you're not "a great writer," or you're not confident in your grammatical skills; don't worry about that at all. We're happy to "polish it up" a bit. Of particular interest are family profiles. To complete a family profile, it may be helpful to use our Family Profile Form (coming soon) as a guideline to structure your research and your story. The purpose of the family profile is to capture a family "node" in its particular place and time, and to put the family in a place and historical context. Who was president (or king) at the time they lived? What was going on in the political realm? What was life like for them--were they merchants, or did they farm? Were they involved in governance? Were they even scoundrels involved in illegal activities at the time (like moonshining or running a "speak easy?")

5. Send obituaries, reminiscences, and essays of fond memories. Do you vividly recall snowy afternoons smelling coffee brewing and cookies baking in your grandmother's kitchen? Tell us about it--tell us about her--send us photos of her, of her kitchen, of her gravestone; we want to step back in time with you in those bright moments of yesteryear. We'll even be happy to hear stories of beloved family pets.

6. Definitely send us announcements of upcoming family reunions. We'd like very much to fulfill a role of connecting family to family, whenever it is possible to do so.

7. Will I get a by-line? This is entirely up to you. Some people feel more comfortable making anonymous contributions, while others would like to receive credit for what they write or send. We'll abide by your wishes, either way. If you'd like a by-line, we will be very glad to put up your name as the author/contributor of what you send.

8. What should I not send? Now, this is a very important question. To protect privacy, we ask that you NOT send us any information about anyone who is still living (except for business owners, whose information is public anyway) without their written permission (and, yes, we will ask for that if you send us something contemporary). We also ask you not send us any info regarding anyone who has passed on since 2010. The reason for this is to attempt to ensure no family members with recent losses of loved ones encounter any harassing communications from "spammers."